The Din of a Million Little Voices

So i’ve been going over The Z-List my first attempt at writing a novel, and I think i’ve figured out how to write it in a way that sums up all of my feelings as an outsider living in a world full of outsiders. The answer is to not worry about the big questions and answers (because they don’t exist) and instead focus on the sound of a million little voices crying out all at once.

The novel follows the firing of Satan and the effects of the Prime Minister as she takes over as the ruler of Hell (The Devil). I’ve played around with lots of different directions and characters, and each time I felt that it wasn’t really working in the way that I wanted it to. Four months later, a written first draft of a second novel, and lots of editing of other stories has given me a new insight on what its been missing.

The novel follows a group of characters as they either react or attempt to ignore the effects of Hell on Earth, which is fun to write, but I always found myself more interested in the little characters that occupied the metaphorical quick glances of others actions. It sounds obvious now, but it recently made sense to have more stories providing the various opinions and lives the don’t represent the 1%, which is important as it’s the normal people that make up the 99% of the world acting as its Z-List.

I’ve started working on short stories to accompany the main artery of the novel, acting as little veins, each giving their own insight into the world of bullying and control. The great thing about writing short stories like this is that you get a very worldly view of the effects of there story, which I think is important as we’re all ultimately effected by the decisions of actions made in fear.

The story might sound political when considering the plot but in truth I can’t really say which political party is right, viewing more of a broken ride in need of some new safety regulations and modern insight to reduce the chance of people falling off it and hurting themselves.

The Z-List focuses more on the power of suggestion brought on by confident demagogues who seem to have all the answers to the worlds problems (Which they don’t), the dangers of shutting yourself off from those around you, and as seen with all the various demons and people the aged old message that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

The major push behind writing the novel was that I can’t ignore the hostility and fear going on around me, but i’m not exactly sure who to blame or what will work, instead I find myself paying attention to the energy and passion as people scream their opinion as loudly as possible.

I think we can all agree that the public have a lot more power than we think, and i’d like to think that with the rise of social media and wonderful sites to voice your opinions like this, that it’s only a matter of time before we stop viewing difference as a disease, people of different creeds and colours as insects or vermin, and take some comfort in the knowledge that nobody really knows what they’re doing.


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