Wednesday Worries

So today has been spent like a lot of says lately, worrying about pretty much everything from: politics, the environment, war, poverty, and anything in-between. I find myself in existential dread, wondering about the great madness of it all, and then I remember that i’m not the only one.

In the past I would look towards the big minds and social visionaries such as: Bill Hicks, Douglas Adams, George Carlin, and now I find myself surrounded by millions of minds thinking just as I do, wondering what the hell is going on. The beauty of the internet at times like these, surrounded by arguments supposedly defined by duality, is that there’s a lot of us who don’t see the world in black and white or even have a clue what colour it is at all (Mauve?).

Things are difficult across the world and there’s no ignoring that, but the hysteria that surrounds us on a daily basis seems about as helpful as someone trying to put out a fire by blowing petrol into your face. Things are difficult and this leads to us wanting to hide away and surround ourselves with something to take our minds off it.

Luckily we live in an age of television where we can surround ourselves with shows and films that we want to watch, unlike when I was a child where you had to take what you could from terrible films, effectively re-writing the entire story with your own misheard dialogue. Escapism is considered somewhat negative and childish, but for those of us who need to be somewhere else it provides something spectacular indeed.

The great thing about living in an age of such noisy information is that anything is possible with art, able to draw from inspiration across the world, and allowing you to connect to people in countries you had no idea existed. the amount of information can seem daunting, so you find yourself sending flags up all over the show, just so the world can hear that you’re hear and that you have something to say (hopefully it’s good).

It’s less worrying when you look around and see that everyone is going through their own little bit, and i’d like to think that it makes us a little nicer, or at least a little less eager to point the finger and throw a few rocks.

I love to create, especially when i’m stressed and don’t really know what’s going on, that’s the time the art comes out in all sorts of mad little ways. Whatever it is that you love to do, I hope you know that it’s not silly, and somewhere someone cares about it, even if in the short term it’s just you that knows it.

Keep creating. Keep going. Make a difference in the most positive way possible, by making shit up using the power of your mind.


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