Tuesday Tidbits

So i’ve just finishing editing a short story called Monday’s Menagerie which follows three people as they are guided around a kind of zoo for magical animals such as Chimera, giant bees, and Dragons. It sounds like a wonderful place but when you see that Monday uses the animals for his own gain such as fighting that it starts to raise questions on whether it’s better to subject animals to unnatural conditions or whether it’s better to risk them being subjected to human influences in the wild.

I wanted to have different characters that had their own view point on the subject as I wanted to play around with different attitudes, ultimately mocking all of the end all and be all attitudes found on all sides. The main character (M.C) plays role of someone in complete shock at the information that there are monsters in the world, but then finds it equally shocking when presented with such extreme opinions on how the animals should be treated.

The story started off with ideas about Victorian menageries which were often run by less than benevolent figures, people pitting lions against dogs, so the public could have some light entertainment while spending a sunny Sunday out with their family. I feel that the end paragraph is poignant with the M.C worried that they can’t find any monsters in the wild anymore, no matter how hard they look for them, hoping that their future isn’t in the hands of people like Monday.

It’s a big story of 6000 words (24 pages) and while it’s not quite finished it’s great to play around with a story that gets to mix all the things that I love together. I am looking forward to getting everything to work properly so I can share it with all you people with strange minds of your own. There’s stuff to make you think, but don’t worry it’s hidden behind humour and things that want to eat you.

In other news i’m around seventy pages through Bram Stoker’s Dracula, a story that i’ve avoid for many years because of the harsh review from my Dad. Being a pale Englishman i’ve read my fair share of Victorian literature, finding works such as Carmilla, Varney the Vampire, and Good Lady Ducayne to be wonderful works of literature, paving the way for vampiric lore. Dracula doesn’t strike me as the same sort of thing as what came before them.

The thing I like so much about Dracula is the style in which it’s written, a diary account of the oddities turned horrors as a stuck up Englishman finds himself unable to brush off the creeping dread around him. You find yourself furiously wishing that he’s just put aside his proper upbringing and just stand up for himself,  which seems to hinder Johnathan’s safety.

The novel came with some of Bram’s essays on Censorship which I find extremely interesting as in the same breath he implores the public to understand the significance of creative freedom, while condemning others from publishing literature which he deems as damaging to Christian morals.

The beautiful way in which Bram fights for fiction is inspiring for anyone dealing with their own inner or outer battle with life, something which escapist fiction is often regarded as damaging by groups throughout the ages. The fight for the repression of the inner evil and sin are where things getting murky and interesting as Bram move away from the public and focuses on his own issues on sexuality and society.




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