The Beginning of May

So i’ve been absent from writing a blog over the past couple of days due to illness, working my way through stories, and whatever other excuses seem applicable. It’s the most flippant i’ve been with my blog since I started it in January, which I didn’t feel was the right attitude to wards blog posts.

I love blogging, I think it’s a great way to reflect on all of those moments fretting over whatever goal is currently in front of you. The only problem with blogging is that the moment you write it you find that it’s only real if someone sees it and likes it. You find yourself worrying more about the attention of the words rather than the the truth of the words themselves.

Being ill so much over the past few weeks has left me mentally exhausted and emotionally tender, add that to the constant downpour of viciousness on social media and you find yourself wanting to hide away somewhere nice and warm.

I said in a previous post that I am happy being a part of the group that doesn’t really know what to do, but understands that there’s definitely something wrong with the way things are going. I don’t think this is because of anything new, but more likely the result of giving everyone a chance to voice their opinions. Instead of having a small social circle and then the input of celebrities you are instead subjected on a daily basis to the type of social interaction usually reserved for awkward Christmas dinner parties.

I am kind of lying when I say that I don’t know what to do, in actually I think that the answer is obvious, step away from it all and put that energy into creating something. Checking your news feed can be like bumping into a Dementor, spilling his cherry coke all down his new tattered robe, finding yourself drained of all energy. My advice is to ignore it, step away, and use that energy to create something.

I’m a writer, so when I look at all of the madness I sit down and write something that I can understand. I wouldn’t be surprised to see escapist fiction on a rise as we plunge further and further into the fear-filled future, which is wonderful.

Art struggles to kill people, unless you’ve just received a nasty paper cut and suffer from haemophilia. The constant misdirection and smoke and mirrors brought on by the news will leave you feeling disorientated, so it’s hardly shocking when you can’t stomach it all anymore. The great thing about art is you get to decide what you think about it, you take away the stuff that’s relevant, and on a personal level you are right regardless of what other people think.

If you’re creating something then it’s fair to assume that you’re not destroying something, unless you’re making weapons. I’d like to think that if you’re creating and working on something you love then you’re less likely to get caught up in everything around you, which is not to say ignore it, but to not be swept up in the fevered hysteria of it all.

I’d like to live in a world where the news has to abandon shock tactics in order to engage with us, which is hard when you consider how politically illiterate we are on the whole as a species. If you’re creating art however you’re hopefully going to want to share it with the world, talk about things, and more importantly listen to what people say. It’s harder to demonise groups and terrify people if you’re aware of the facts.

I’m sure we will get to the point where everyone has a broad and developed sense of humour, allowing us to shrug off the misleading media as they point the blame of the worlds problems like a child brought into the in the head teachers office for pouring paste over the quiet girl at the back.

I believe that we need a political system to help run the world, but i’d like one that had to be honest, and couldn’t hide behind the sort of tactics you’d find with social media trolls or click bait. A political system which is kept in check by the fear that when they mess up they pay the penalty just like everyone else. It’s hard to control people with fear when all you want to do is create and share it with people who think just like you.


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