Thursday Trouble

So today I attempted to edit a short story called Meeting at Midday but only managed to get halfway through. It’s hard when you’re banging your head against the grindstone, trying to make your tired brain do what you want, but eventually I got the message and took a little break.

I did what I normally do in these low output moments, I watched something educational, which came in the form of a couple of nature documentaries. I don’t know if this works for anyone else, but opening myself up to new information seems to help get my creativity flowing, even if at first it looks like i’m looking in the wrong place, and perhaps that’s the point.

I think we all struggle with trying to push the world around us into a shape that makes sense, but the world doesn’t work that way, and ends up pushing back. Finding the courage to let go of the things we can’t control and using the time to enjoy life helps us see things from a different view point and hopefully come back at the issue from a new angle.

I watched a Netflix documentary on Wild Arabia, and Wild China.I took a lot of pleasure in finding myself stealing ideas for a story directly from nature. I love those moments when I find myself in complete awe at the capability of people and their ancient traditions, and I find it heartbreaking to think that so much of their ingenuity will be lost in favour of first world principles.

Meeting at Midday is a story about the dawn meeting the dusk for a date, in some kind of anthropomorphised manner. They start off both worried that the other one won’t like them, but find themselves bonding over a mutual love of what the other one does for a living. The story develops into a folklore tale as Dusk takes Dawn to meet some of his friends, who as it turns out don’t approve of Dawn very much at all.

I loved writing this story because it allowed me to playa round with some interesting ideas and imagery, while maintaining an air of reality with issues surrounding relationship. I particularly loved laying around with the idea that the dawn of the day could be insecure about all the little things that we love it for. I’m excited to finish this edit, and hopefully get it good enough for publication somewhere so I can show it off to you all.



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