So i’ve finished Terry Pratchett’s Thud! today which I devoured over two days with sheer delight. The novel uses fantasy as a lure to introduce you into issues surround: race, discrimination, drugs, fatherhood, and more. I’ve read a few of Terry’s novels over the years but this was the one that really grabbed my attention.

Personally I love fantasy that gives depth rather than trying to do a Tolkien in a new way. The blurring of Dwarf and Jewish mentality was a really interesting touch as to people who know these things both share similar morales when concerning society, family, and traditional values.

The novel if you don’t know is a loose detective fantasy novel which in itself helps to blend different genres together in such a way you hardly notice the sticky tape holding it all together. There are clues throughout the novel to help push you this and that way, and you find yourself forgetting that this is all set on a flat disc-shaped world on the back of four elephants and a turtle.

The story managed to discuss some serious topics which surround us today such as heated racial tension but it did it in a way that removed the blame or rather put the blame on all of us, and I should add it did it without a thin-veiled metaphor of certain races.

It was great to see lots of different sides of dwarf and troll culture, ranging from the kings of both cultures, down to a misguided, knobbly troll named Brick. It’s so easy to create species that all share the same mental topography, but what really shines is when you can take what is quintessential to a species and then play around with whatever exists in the realms of possibility.



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