It’s Ok to Not Know

So i’ve been thinking a lot lately about where to stand in various arguments both politically, socially, and I find myself less inclined to take either side. Each time I find myself in the middle of a heated discussion I find myself noticing more and more just how screwed up people really are, it’s like watching two children argue over which one’s dad is Superman.

This is nothing new when you consider how the only thing that’s changed in American politics over the past forty years is which country is considered the terror threat. The nomenclature of fear has jazzed itself changing from dictator to terrorist and now to religion. The thing that strikes me as odd is people still buy into this idea that it’s not true, not in a conspiracy cover-up kind of way but in a lazy re-editing kind of process.

Veganism, Feminism, Identity, Misogyny, triggers, there all words that I thought meant something to me once, but then words evolve to survive, taking on new viewpoints and opinions. Feminism is a great example of this, growing up if asked I would have stated that I was a feminist as I don’t really see any difference, but I also believe that the suffragettes caused more harm to women gaining rights than they were a force for good.

Current feminist opinions are uttered with a cultist mantra that I can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable when they tell me about a society that only allows the rights of white privileged men. I do agree with that to a point but only when you consider what they constitute as a privileged man, which I can tell you from experience is definitely not me.

Anyone who deviates from the 1% is considered an outsider and are judged accordingly, and while I accept it’s easier to single out someone for being a woman or black it isn’t an issue over sex or ethnicity it’s an issue with society itself. I understand that people are angry and in some ways that’s excellent, but more often than not you find that people have no idea how to use that energy for good, and more often than not go on a rage campaign.

My view on where to stand in all of these issues is that I don’t know, and to be honest I don’t think anybody really does. You’re always going to find people who talk like they know what’s wrong and how to solve it, but they don’t, they’re just winging it. I’m not saying these issues don’t matter, because they do, what i’m saying is now we’re paying attention a little bit more we need to start thinking.

Things have spiralled further and further down politically, but I wouldn’t say that was because of Trump, I just think he’s the latest product of a defunct society. We’re all so wrapped up in stupid things that we forget that the world’s far from ok, and i’m not talking ecologically but socially, and I think that time may well lead to a further divide.

Fear and anger are the easiest tools to use to manipulate people, it’s the sort of tactics you’d use to get someone into trouble at school, yet as we’ve seen time and time again it’s the old tricks that work best. Instead of this us and them mentality i’d like to see people move away from that primitive territorial ape stage, and instead take note of all of the crap that could be solved.

I find it odd when 1st world people are arguing over what you should and shouldn’t eat when there are people who don’t get to eat at all, it definitely shows how skewed and misaligned our views are when we’re happy to argue over peoples rights when a lot of people don’t have them.

In the end i’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t know and further more i’m happy to accept the fact that I don’t know. I find that self-assured attitude to a problem involves a level of fundamentalism. People are eagerly jumping into camps, pointing fingers over possible truths, and to be honest I just think it’s a waste of time.

I find myself agreeing to some extent with everything, and then there’s a challenge, or a joke, and I sit there open mouthed as the whole thing unravels into a vicious monster. So i’m just going to watch, listen, and just keep going. I don’t expect other people to agree with my attitude, which may be interpreted as on the fence, but I think it’s like trying to decide what ice cream I want to spend my money on, while hundreds of ice cream van men shout at each other in an attempt to convince me that they’re the right choice.


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