Shopping, Snacks, and Sherlock.

So it was a long day yesterday, full of cake, walks, and lot’s of laughs. Today i’m tired, a little out of it, and then something wonderful happened when we were out shopping. Meandering around the local charity shops, partly to do a little good, mainly because of the bargains, when I came across the complete Sherlock Holmes Long stories for only 99p! Suddenly the day is renewed.

Today i’m going to be working on a short short story (1000 words) for publication in Fireside magazine. I have a few very short stories, but I think a story I wrote last year called Fire Angels will win over the rest.

The story focuses on the statues dotted around the cities, and the strange things they see, and the worse things they do. It began as a thought while Holly and I sat in the cafe opposite the London road Fire Station in Manchester. I remember thinking that somewhere in those terracotta statues was a story, and I also remember how hard it was when I tried to get the words to flow.

Here’s to a bright and brilliant day. Happy Monday everyone.




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