Saturday Scribblings

So today I finished a fun little short story called Copy Cat, which is set in a school playground. It’s a story about children, but it’s definitely not a children’s story. I love playing around with child logic, especially when you’re living in a 3000 word horror story. I did play around with the idea of making it a children’s story and opting for a happy ending, but I couldn’t help myself, which is when I shoved it over to adult fiction.

The story came from several directions, mingling ideas such as monster rules, what makes us who we are, and then blending it all together in a school yard environment. It’s great to play with memories of childhood, which were for me, difficult, scary, and potentially dangerous. I think we forget how hard school-life is as we age, and i’m not surprised to have written a horror story set in school.

This has been a very active week, mostly spent editing old stories so I can get them ready for publication. This is the part of writing that I know very little about, so it’s great trying to tackle new problems, while working on stuff that I love.

Tomorrow i’m going out to go on nice walks, eat some lovely food, and pretend to be an adult (After eating chocolate eggs of course). It’s shaping up to be a brilliant day, and I look forward to sharing it with you all.


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