Thursday Thoughts

So over the past few days i’ve been editing some of my stories, and sending them off for hopeful publication in various magazines. All of the stories have something in common in that they’re about people, there’s something fantastical in each of them but there’s an air of humanity to keep it in check.

Fair Trade and The Woman Who Could Make Anything are both two of my recent stories that kind of explore the same idea of interest from two different directions. Both are centred around love and choice, but where The Woman Who Could Make Anything goes from a dark place to somewhere nice, Fair Trade goes in the opposite direction.

I loved writing both stories, each with their own style, and funny little quirks. I particularly loved The Woman Who Could Make Anything because my partner Holly was the influence for the story, and I liked writing the second draft and finding that it had grown an extra fifteen hundred words.

Today I worked on a short story called Freelance which explored the perils of freelance work, and mixed it up with the hedge knights known as freelancers. The story I ended up with was one with a battered and bruised knight who had done all these wonderful things but nobody knew who he was.

I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about writing today, still feeling a little fragile, but there’s something about going over your work and seeing it get better having such a cathartic effect on you. It’s great to see my writing taking shape, moving away from just ideas, and starting to make sense in a very strange way.



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