Tuesday Tidbits

So today I finished and submitted one of my short stories for publication in Narrative magazine. I’ve done a little bit of script-writing for freelance work, and I finished watching the second series of The League of Gentlemen again. It’s not an overly bright day, but it does look rather beautiful at moments like these.

Things are strange and new, and there’s a lot of spinning plates in the air, but it doesn’t seem as hectic as before. The best part of writing across several mediums is that there’s always something ready and waiting, you just have to sit down and do the words.

I’m contemplating which short story I should tackle next, as i’ve six others which are pretty much as good as they’re going to be, and with a little work could be more than little fantasies inside my head. Looking for professional people to show my work to is perhaps the hardest part of it all, especially when you’re trying to look as professional and convincing as possible.



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