Monday Moments

So today I woke up with painful sunburn after a couple of days in the sunshine (A fair price to pay). I got to chat with a friend about pretty much anything and everything. I also went over a short story called The woman who could make anything, which I submitted yesterday, and added 1500 words to the total. It’s almost ready for submitting, but i’ll give it a glance over before I jump the gun and end up with a knock back over something silly like a few typos or punctuation problems.

Things are strange and different, and there’s definitely something new in the air. I love moments like these, and I get extremely grateful to have made it this far going after what I want out of life, which is to make things up for a living.

I don’t think I would be as far as I am right now if it wasn’t for my partner Holly, who seems to have popped into my life at a crucial time, offering me support and friendship in what is the turning point in my life.

She’s a great person who manages to do pretty much everything under the sun in order to express herself. I think it’s wonderful to get people coming up to me and telling me to slow down with all the writing, and then I point at her and tell them that what I do doesn’t hold a candle to the input she gives to her projects.

You don’t have to believe me go and check out her blog Amore Rocks and the Cthulhu Cat Cult and check it out for yourself. She does a bit of everything, and if there’s something you’d like i’m sure she’ll figure out how to do it for you if you ask nicely.

I’m about a hundred pages through Pride prejudice and Zombies, and it’s great. I was one those seven people that actually loved the film, and even that doesn’t do this novel justice. It has everything you need in a high-brow Austen novel, with added zombies, which always make things better. I’d love to see a Wuthering Heights and Zombies; I think it’d make the post Cathy stuff even scarier.




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