Sat in the Saturday Sunshine

So it’s one of those glorious days, so I thought i’d finish the collection of horror stories in Shotguns V. Cthulhu, and soak up some rays. As a naturally pale and Byronic individual this is definitely something novel, but you do have to read yourself from time to time.

I’ve just finished the last of the stories and some of them are particularly wonderful to read namely:Welcome to Cthulhuville, Infernal Devices, and Wuji. All of the stories were interesting and did their own thing, but for me these stories managed to add something new to the mythos.

I’m just about to start on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which is a book i’ve been meaning to read for a while now, but every time I sat down I found another strange book in hand.

While sat outside in the sun enjoying life a story started to form at the back of my mind, developing from an idea I had as a teenager about coming face to face with the creator of the universe, but not looking anything like you’d imagine.

I think it’s bubbled and stewed while reading eldritch tales of the unknown, but I am excited to write a Lovecraftian story set in the afterlife, where some of the classic villains are arguing over who is the proper evil one. I love the idea that they will pool together their pages of the Necronomicon, and get upset when someone has the same pages, or the old blind witch accidentally brought pages from a cookbook on  how to please your man by making a delicious pot roast.

The story is currently called So what did you do? And it’s basically just a story of bickering people who are all strange looking. As a Lovecraft fan who also acknowledges all the tropes i’m looking forward to writing a story which will make people laugh, while keeping all the easter eggs for the dyed in the wool Cthulhu fans.





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