So today has been centred around freelance work. I’ve been offered two jobs revolving around script writing: one for a film, and the other for youtube videos. I’ve also been headhunted for ghostwriting a SCI-FI novel, which is great as I didn’t even apply which does wonders for your confidence. If I don’t get past the interview at least people are confident with the quality of work and offer me these opportunities.

I’ve just written a short story called Freelance, which mixes together some of the experiences with the writing, and also the play one word for a hedge knight, or independent lord. I love the idea that there are freelancers that would be paid to go on quests and give all the credit to someone else.

The story is simply enough, starting with a limping knight in battered old armour, trying to get fair wages for all the hard work, arguing with a servant, while the lord sits in the corner and reads his book. The freelancer is about as unromantic as a knight can be, but he still knows his stuff, and offers advice to the lord before he shows himself up in front of the “real knights”.

The idea came to me last night, and can’t say exactly where all the ideas were formed, but somewhere around 1AM I felt the thread tightening all of it together. It’s great to play with a damaged character (literally), whose rude and coarse attitude is more a representation of a bitter undervalued life.

His talk of fighting trolls on the Midnight Mountains, selling his soul so he could travel to Hell and cave out a demons heart really give a sense that you’re dealing with the genuine article, and when asked why nobody has heard of him, he states it’s because he does all the quests for other knights.

I wanted to write a story that slips into another reality, but is grounded by very human people, even in the face of magic Mirror-Mail that shows your enemies their deepest fears, he warns the knight that it just upsets your own squires and servants when they’re trying to fit it on you, so i’d go and get something else.

It’s been a lot of fun to write, and I hope you all enjoy reading it when I have the chance to share it.



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