Thursday Thoughts

So I make money from freelance writing, which if you don’t know is where you’re paid to do peoples work for them. It might sound strange, but it’s a great way to play with ideas and methods of writing, without the complete commitment involved with writing your won work. Freelance writing is also less stressful as you only have to convince two people that it’s good (Yourself and the client), and not a whole audience as well.

Through freelance writing over the past year I have written: A boardgame, ideas for a SCI-FI card game, scientific work, and i’m currently debating whether to create some scripts for a few people. At the heart of writing something that isn’t my own work I make sure to consider why i’m doing, whether the pay is good, and is it worth my time.

If i’m having fun or learning something new then that’s usually enough to keep me going with work that I wouldn’t normally consider. A great thing about writing outside your comfort zone is that it forces your creativity to develop in some strange ways, which is as far as i’m concerned always a good thing.

It’s one of those days, the sheetmetal sky, the warm air like thick soup, and everything seems a little distant. It’s days like this where you have to remind yourself that you’ve got to shake it off and get things done. Days like these are meant to be conquered, crushed underfoot, and completely shown up for what they are, which is little more than any other opportunistic day in disguise.

Don’t settle for it, yank the poorly-fitted beard off, and make it clear to all of the other days that you’re not going to stand for this type of behaviour. You’re here to leave your mark, have fun, and be creative while you do your thing.

I’m reading Shotguns V. Cthulhu, which is a horror anthology centred around H.P Lovecraft’s mythos. Each story is unique and varies in weirdness, while maintaining something reminiscent of  the man from Providence.



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