Monday Moments

So the past few days have been extremely productive. I’ve written two non-fiction pieces: One on the importance of going on adventures as a child, and the other on treating life like an experiment so you can reject the null hypothesis as often as possible. I’ve also started The Girl of Ink &Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave, i’m about halfway through, and it’s the good kind of strange.

Perhaps it’s the coming of summertime, and the change in the air, but it seems like now is a time for anything. There’s so much potential and possibility in the air, and I hope that i’m not the only person feeling it.

Editing works, writing screenplays, writing a novel, sifting through short stories, with lots of coffee too. With all the projects up in the air, i’m happy to just keep going and work with what comes down first.




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