Thursday Thoughts

So today I wrote an 9 page (4000 word) story called Monday’s Menagerie, which is a story that explores the life of a magical zoo. I wanted to show an environment which has all sorts of crazy animals and creatures, but still follows the typical zoo set up.

In the story we get to see trolls at feeding time, where people can pay to feed the trolls pretty much anything they want. There’s a summoning house that lets people ask demons questions, but they are warned that if they sell their soul the zoo isn’t liable. There are giant insect colonies, and a huge ring where magical monsters are pitted against each other.

The story was a lot of fun to right and kind of came from left field. I was sitting there last night and after listening to stories about victorian menageries that would put lions against dogs it got me thinking what sort of a reception would you get from putting monsters against one another.

It’s in its rough infancy now but i’m hoping to get it up to tip top shape as soon as possible so it can be published somewhere. I will put it on here so people can read it if they want, which i’m sure you’ll enjoy because I haven’t read a short story quite like it. It’s fun and a little silly, and adds some of the thoughts going around about peoples view on the welfare and benefit of zoos.



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