Tuesday Tidbits

So today i’ve mainly being working on a short story called Change For A set of Shoes, which centres around a asylum seeking Centaur, who’s forced to beg for change so he can keep the shoes on his feet. It’s a story that started off as an interesting idea, with lots of silly moments thrown in, and somewhere along the way got a little serious.

I don’t know exactly where the idea came from, it kind of melded two ideas together, and gathered a lot of context from the current issues surrounding Syria. I knew I wanted to write a story which focused on the stories of a very interesting homeless man, showing that everyone has something interesting to say, and everyone deserves the right to express it.

I’m slowly ironing out the creases so I can get it published, and people can see some of the strange thoughts that dance around my head. I’ve tried to stay away from political standpoints and instead express my belief that everyone has a right to be safe, and no matter where you stand war is terrible. I look forward to seeing it out there somewhere, and I’d appreciate you reading it.

I’ve finished The Black House by Paul Theroux  and I have to say it was a strange story. It wasn’t quite a horror, or unsettling, but it certainly had moments that didn’t quite make sense. The story focuses so heavily on the characters in a small town in Dorset, and it’s so easy to lose yourself over a couple of hundred pages without meaning to. The end is abrupt and leaves a lot of questions, but it’s definitely interesting, especially for the “What the fuck did I just read?” factor. A

I’ve started Rebel by RJ Anderson and i’m about eighty pages through and it has all of those strange little vibes that come with stories ladened with mythology and lore. It’s a story centred around the Oaken Folk faeries, and it’s easy and fun to read. The world RJ has created is definitely enjoyable, and it’s great to just leap into a story and find yourself caught up in a strange environment reminiscent of  Frank Baum or C S Lewis. Check it out.




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