Scribblings on an Early Saturday

So today I woke up really early. I don’t know whether it’s: the sunshine, the fact I had finished a book, or just something to do with my lot in life right now. Life has a habit of doing some truly wonderful things when you take an active part in it, and I hope wherever it is that you are in life you’re striving to find that positive part.

Last night I finished Adam Robert’s By Light Alone, which is a fantastic novel. It’s centred around a society which has bio-engineered humanity to photosynthesise through their hair, effectively putting an end to world hunger. It sounds like a brilliant leap forward, but humanity’s development seems to be limited by its social limitations.

Adam is ahead of his time with a story that deals with a lot of issues very current today. In 400 pages the book covers all grounds of personal and world issues in the world, while maintaining an air of repressed British humour. Terms like “Hairheads” and “The Poor” are used with such power and prejudice it’s hard not to see parallels with current struggles. Go out and find it, and if it helps Adam Roberts is also the guy behind the Soddit and the Sellamillion, so you don’t have to worry about being too serious.

I finished the first draft of my novel Manchester At Midnight, which didn’t so much come out of nowhere, as spread within a petri-dish inside my mind, till eventually it escaped and I had no option but to get it down so hopefully it can infect the world with its story. Only time will tell.

Yesterday I wrote a short story called Fair Trade, which took two ideas and tried to stick them together as convincingly as possible, and hope that nobody noticed. I will probably put it up tomorrow for Sunday Story, so check it out if you like stories set in the real world but with fictional elements. It’s got lots of evil nice people in it as well (Just so you know).

Tonight i’m going out to the city to watch my partner in crime flit about in a cage in next to nothing till the early hours of the morning. People have asked me how I feel about dating someone who does all the stuff Holly does, and I tell them that i’m fairly confident because it’s actually not me up there doing all this stuff. I don’t know if it’s the answer they thought, but it’s the only one that makes sense as I have no more control over another person than I do my bowels, and messing with either can lead to some serious repercussions.




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