Monday Moments

So yesterday I went to Manchester to meet up with my old friend from college, Chris. We had some coffee and food, and chatted about everything that we have missed in the moments of each others life. He told me that he is now a trained teacher who works with autism, and all sorts of important and meaningful work, and I told him that I had nearly finished a first draft of a novel, which as we all know isn’t really as hard as actual work.

It was wonderful to talk to someone that despite the many change sin our lives, still makes me laugh and embrace the inner nerd. He told me that he was proud of my work, and I told him that I was proud of his, which is something I am astonished by each and every time I hear about it.

We chittered on about the future and the potentials in the horizon, and I could sense that somewhere along the dream to remain children forever we actually did a little bit of growing up, but hopefully not enough for everyone to notice. I also convinced him to by The Amazing adventurers of Kavilier and Clay by Michael Chabon to go with his purchase of American Gods by Neil Gaiman, which I consider a win for the literary world.

Later I met up with Holly, where we had some dinner, and watched a couple of bands (The Virgin Marys, and Hyena Kill) which was a lot of fun. It was great to watch all of the support gather from bands which started up and around Manchester, and the rain backed off for long enough for us to get home without pneumonia afterwards.

Today i’ve been ill which is getting to be a pest, but thankfully i’ve had my notebook at hand, while I work on the last story for my novel Manchester At Midnight. It’s been a very productive couple of months, and i’m looking forward to finishing my first draft and then working on some other projects. Here’s a few doodles, and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.


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