Sunday Story

So today i’m off to meet up with a friend and have a little coffee, and generally do what old friends do on a cold and wet weekend. I thought i’d put up a very short story of 150 words entitled Why Mothers are Scary. Enjoy

Why Mothers Are Scary

By Bradley Heywood

Mothers are scary, which a lot of you have forgotten, but we remember. That’s why we hide under the bed, in the closet, or in your shoes in the shapes of spiders. All us know that while you may scare a child, you mustn’t make them cry, because that’s when the mothers come. They will drag you screaming from your supposed safe place amongst the dark and dust, and no one will be scared of you again. They like to watch us suffer because we steal their children’s dreams, making them dark, dangerous, and very delicious. We have heard that some have lost their mothers, although we dare not slither and slide from the cracks in the walls in case it is a trick, concocted in the most dangerous mind known to our kind. So we hide, and we pray, and wait for the end of another terrifying mothers day.


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