Thursday Thoughts

Here’s a doodle of the Floaty King from my novel.  

So today I decided to brave the weather and go out. I’ve been particularly miserable and highly-strung over the past few days due to an illness and niggling backache. I’m glad that I did because all sorts of thoughts began to float about my head as I ventured across the rubbish infested north.

I wrote a poem (150 words) about something that monsters fear above all else, Mothers. This might sound strange but it’s up to our parents to help alleviate those childish fears of things under the bed, and while my dad did very well on the humour and how to approach life, it was my mother who taught me to have balls when it came to fighting.

Not everyone will agree but mothers really have a particular job when it comes to raising their children, having to mix the emotional development, while maintaining the superior air that all parents possess. They may be portrayed as weak in comparison to the alpha-male closed off father, but anyone with a strong mother will tell you that is a lie.

Mothers are usually thought to have a deep emotional connection with their children, and as a result get hurt and emotional when their children do, which in the case of mothers tends to create a bloodthirsty revenge vibe against whoever did it. My mother made a teacher cry because he told her that I brought on the bullying because I was weird, she was a badass.

This is something that I wanted to incorporate in my novel Manchester At Midnight, found in characters such as the coffee and Tea witches, who are happy to sit back and let the protagonist make mistakes and only standing in to help when they know she can’t handle it. These characters are older and know more about the way of things, so are happy to let everyone make mistakes, but when they do step up to the plate it’s with that godly air that all parents seem to possess in our at one point or another.

Another point that keeps coming back is what it is to be a kid, which is something that doesn’t always come across in stories revolving around kids, namely that children don’t have a set guideline or code to follow. Bad guys are so much fun because they see the rules and decide to do the opposite, but children wouldn’t know what the rules were even if you tried to explain it to them several times.

Children know fear, but it’s not the way that adults think about it, which is usually the potential for fear. kids are like animals in that they are aware of the potential for anything, but as long as it isn’t going to get them then they’re alright. It reminds me of seeing Jurassic Park for the first time when I was three, I knew these dinosaurs were dangerous, but that didn’t mean I was scared of seeing them.

Going to see a fully animatronic T-Rex on the other hand was terrifying, mainly because in my mind this wasn’t something on a screen, too preoccupied with eating layers, this was a thing behind a flimsy fence. I love the T-Rex, I think she’s a brilliant example for women everywhere, but I wasn’t going to get in a cage with her. I was three, not stupid.

Here’s a few doodles of masks I did last year when trying to get a feel for the story.



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