Wednesday Wellness

So being ill sucks, and I don’t recommend it for anyone. It’s not been all bad though, as I spent the day watching interviews with various members from the Monty Python, whose work seems to ring as true today as it did then.

I watched The Meaning of Life the other day and during the miracle of birth sketch the mother asks what gender the baby is, to which the doctor suggests that it’s a little early to be enforcing roles on it. In todays society where you have millions of voices desperate to be heard and understood, and you have a comment made that people are currently arguing over.

Were the Pythons ahead of their time, or has the world become so self-involved that our views and interests have become comedic at the core, almost like life imitating art. I love the fact that something said to encapsulate the absurdity of the moment in the sketch would no doubtfully become almost philosophical, not to mention the fact that wouldn’t have been the intention in the slightest.

I love how the remaining pythons can talk and joke with such love and admiration for one another, and the fierce intelligence of each one is matched by their love of life, albeit expressed in some extremely absurd ways. John Cleese in particularly made me smile with his comment that scientists should challenge the way that they percieve and observe, so that they can understand why they do it.

I think that people should challenge themselves on their beliefs, allowing the ego to be pushed aside, and new ideas present themselves. Theoretically it should be easy enough, we live in a society of views and judgements, and it will be interesting to see what you find out.



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