Fun On a Friday Night

So this is a late Friday post. I’ve spent the day taking it relatively easy, which is something i’m rather unfamiliar with. This morning around 3 AM, I was sat watching the moons rays breach the smokey black night, and I was smiling about how I got here.

For those of you who know, i’m currently working on a novel called Manchester At Midnight, which is a fantasy set in a world of magic and monsters, all who live in what has been dubbed “The dirtiest city in the world”. I started the book after waiting a few weeks for feedback on my first novel The Z-List Celebrities, and now i’m halfway through.

Here are a few doodles I did last year when I first had an idea for a story called Cast No shadow, a cautionary tale about the greedy nature of cities, and the things they will take from you. I’m extremely to have the opportunity to work on things like this, and it’s not just because it’s a lot of fun making things up for money.

Like so many other people I struggled growing up, which happened to be in a small town, in the shadow of the inspiring and quite frightening city I am currently writing about. People didn’t like me because I was weird, and I didn’t mind being different. I couldn’t explain why I was that way, but I knew early on that it was the only way I could be.

My teenage years were the hardest, and i’m glad to say that I got out of them, but I know that a lot of people aren’t so lucky. I know it’s easy to not have time for people, or to put things down to attention or momentary lapses in reason, but I can still remember how it felt in those scary and dark moments, and i’m grateful to have the support while I did my thing.

Now i’m older and i’ve found my calling in life, which is to write about all of the things that interest me, which also includes all the bad things, and the times when I had the hardest of times. I make sure to use all of those moments in my work, so people struggling just like I did can hopefully realise for a moment that they’re not the only one going through this stuff, and take comfort in the moments tenuous hold.

I’m reading Angel of History by Rabih Alameddine, which my partner Holly bought the other day for her course (She’s doing a Masters on Gender studies) and she turned to me and said that i’d like the book because it had all sorts of weird stuff in it that i’m usually into, and she was right.

It starts with an interview between Satan and Death, and follows around a particularly damaged soul, while they seek to find a moment of clarity, while they communicate with their dead love. It has drag-queen saints, self-deprecating humour, and an interesting style that stains the walls of your soul. Go and check it out, you might like it.








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