So today i’ve been writing, doing a little reading, and a fair bit of laughing as I walked about in a heavy bird area during mating season. Everything is a little chaotic, a little unknown, and it’s the sort of time I love the most.

I’m working on my novel (Manchester At Midnight) and we find Liv, hiding behind a dumpster with her strange friend the mysterious Letterman, while glowing glass bees buzz through the city, attacking everyone in their way with their sword like stingers. It’s a lot of fun, especially from a visual point of view, as the bees are the only light in a city shrouded in midnight, so it’s kind of beautiful and scary all at once.

My novel may be set in Manchester, but you don’t need to be from there to appreciate it’s spender, which is kind of what the story is about. I wanted to share my fascination with Manchester, an interest that started as a young boy growing up in the shadow of the great and smelly city.

Manchester was originally founded by a Celtic band known as the “Brigants”. Then the city was taken by the Romans, who named it Mamucium. Then it was taken by the Anglo-Saxons, where the city was collected amongst Mercia. The Romans took it back, and then they left, leaving the city to reclaim it’s Celtic roots once more.

The city was once the powerhouse and central point of the industrial revolution at a time where it was known as Cottonopolis, where it will have seen a lot of wonders, and a lot of death. Basically the city has seen it all, which kind of makes sense when you look around and notice that it’s kind of a bit of everywhere.

That was the biggest push for writing the story, which is my attempt to try and share. A city that doesn’t belong to any one person, and at the same time takes a little bit of everyone. It’s one of the strangest places I know, and i’d love to share it’s strangeness with as many people as possible, hopefully starting with this book.


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