Fidgeting on Friday

So today has been very wet, with a little bit of writing, and some tea thrown in for good measure. I finished watching Narcos today, and I think it’s been one of the better shows in the past few years. Never before have I felt closer to someone capable of such evil deeds.

I’m not saying that I like the things that Pablo Escobar has done, but I liked how he was portrayed as a real person, flaws and all. There were moments when I felt an understanding with someone who rose from nothing with a dream of gaining a name, then he’d sicken me in the next moment by blowing up a plane.

The end of the second series left me on the edge of my seat, a knot in my stomach as I genuinely worried what would happen to this man. I wanted him to pay for what he had done, but it felt that the weight of what he had done needed to come full circle, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Wagner Moura is a wonderful actor, and I think he really stands on his own, not only as the dominant megalomaniac, but also as a pillar of stability and attrition as the supporting cast play off him. His confident grin, and the glint in his eye left me hating myself for liking him, but that’s mainly down to the suburb acting and the direction the series takes.

It’s great to get to a point with stories where we can move past the fact that someone is a bad guy or villain and instead focus on what story they have to tell, which is often something we haven’t considered before. It gives insight into how terrible people aren’t just made, they are grown and changed by a lifetime of experience and decisions.

It makes judgement a little less easy to throw around because given the right circumstances and moments we might find ourselves in that position, desperate to win and unable to backdown, and ultimately losing everything.


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