Coffee and Courses

So i’ve spent today sat around drinking coffee, trying to help my partner, Holly figure out how to write her critical review. It’s all very interesting, especially as I haven’t plunged into the world of academia for nearly two years now. I could tell by the way she said “I’m struggling with this” that she was struggling, I guess we’re just in tune with one another.

I did the only thing I could think of when I struggle, which was to suggest a break in scenery, and get some coffee. After a little while I could see that Holly was getting to grips with what she wanted to say, and then things seemed to get a little easier. It was especially fun watching the confused looks, as we sat in a little town cafe, dressed in black, pouring over notes on Flappers.

I wrote a few pages on my latest novel (Manchester At Midnight) where we travel to Kings Street, and get to see all of the strange and silly kings that live in a giant castle, each believing that they are a little more sovereign than the others. We are currently speaking with the King of Dungeons, a forgotten and often overlooked king, who has the key to everyone’s treasure trove and dungeon.

Manchester at Midnight is a story about masks, letters, and rules that under no circumstance should be broken. I’m over 120 pages through, and every time I find myself writing I don’t want to stop. It’s wonderful to just have fun, while working on several other projects.



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