Burgers, Bats, and Buses

So today me and Holly went to watch Bat out of Hell the musical, we had a couple of heavy duty American burgers, and we had the most insane bus driver on the way back. It was one of those strange days where you can’t help but laugh. Things that were right did so beautifully, and the things that went wrong were so bad that they were funny.

Like I said, we had this bus driver, a wonderful little old man, who thundered down the slick roads like he wanted to drive us straight to Hell. I need to include him somewhere in a story, because I know there’s more to this man than meets the eye on the bus route. I joked that he wore his lucky army helmet as he drove down the road, muttering that he didn’t Muriel, and he was doing fine without her; a string of women lingerie, earned through conquest.

It was such a fun day, finishing Anne Rice’s, The Queen Of The Damned. Drinking some strong coffee, and writing about the poor guys who have to do all the manual work in a magical world, such as roadworks and construction.




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