Saturday Scribbling

So I wrote a story today, which wasn’t overly surprising as it’s been a rather wet and miserable day. On days like these I feel tired, which usually means that I retreat further away from the physical world, and start to play with ideas inside my head. I also started listening to Norse Mythology on audio, by Neil Gaiman.

Somewhere in the stories about giants, gods, and gold, things started to slot into place. The dark and gloomy weather seems to sap me of energy, but recently i’ve found not of my writing. In between writing my novel (Manchester at Midnight) i’ve found the time and the passion to create pocket-sized worlds, filled with interesting people, and more interesting monsters.

The story i’m going to put up tomorrow is titled “Sold as Seen” which is a phrase I became very wary of as I surrounded myself with the equestrian business. It basically means that what you see is what you get, and in a very child-like way it’s a way of saying “No backsies”, when you’d come back with their so called wonder horse with only three legs.

I wanted to write a story where someone is put through what is fairly common amongst the inexperienced, but one that can end with something positive, at least if you know how to look at it. I also wanted to write a story about magical mounts, which feature throughout stories and myths, but you never see the training involved, or the issues surrounding an animal that might decide to take to the skies at a moments notice.

I wrote the story today, and it was a pleasure to just have fun with something silly and light, while I take a break from the more serious writing of my novel.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and if you don’t then don’t worry because next Sunday you’ll get something different.

I’ve loved getting into the habit of writing a new story every week, allowing me to just throw out whatever ideas i’ve been playing with, and seeing people liking the stories is wonderful. It’s fun to just share the initial form of the story as well, which keeps me going even if I think the story isn’t quite right, it’s there all clunky and rough around the edges.

Tomorrow i’m going to see Wednesday 13 with my partner Holly, which is great. I like seeing art mixed up in silly and strange ways, which is exactly what you get with a band like Wednesday 13. It has horror themes, and refuses to take itself seriously, while letting people know it’s ok to be weird.



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