Frazzled Friday

So it’s Friday, full of words, and filled with a short story. I was thinking about the first story I wrote last year, and somewhere around 5AM I realised what it needed to make it better. I have quite a few short stories, and while i’m working on my novel, Manchester At Midnight, i’m looking forward to getting some of them up to a publishable standard.

Yesterday was a wonderful day, breaking from the usual quiet lifestyle, and seeing a few live bands battle it out for a chance to play at a festival. It was particularly enjoyable to watch Colibra, which is a band my partner Holly appeared in. The music was versatile and fun, people were happy to share their talent and passion, and I ended up with a free shirt.

Today’s themes have involved: dreams, traps, and the prices people are willing to pay to avoid suffering. It was interesting to have something be so scary without having to do anything, just talk. I believe that fear is subjective, but there are things that at the core unsettle us all. The idea that someone can steal what makes you who you are is a scary prospect, and I look forward to seeing what people think.


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