Thursday Thoughts

So i’m going to see some local bands do their thing, while I try and dance, which is quite an embarrassing experience for everyone involved. I’m just over 104 pages through writing the first draft of my novel, Manchester at Midnight. It’s written out as a series of long short stories, and the title of the next story is “The Man of Manchester”.

This book has been extremely enjoyable to write, and I don’t know whether that’s because of the themes, the characters, or the fact it’s my attempt at a children’s story. This next chapter is about stories, mess, and the people who think that they can fix everything by cleaning it up.

Manchester At Midnight started off as a doodle and an idea sometime around June last year, and i’m so glad that I decided to write this story next. Already we’ve had some scary moments involving children, dreams, and witches who are so terrifying that they send monsters to bed without any supper.

I’m going to upload a few doodles and drawings soon, but until then i’m happy to keep writing, especially when i’m extremely excited to see what’s going to happen next. It’s been one of those stories that seems to have been waiting for me to get around to it, and i’m so glad to be here writing it.


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