Monday Moments

So it’s late, and it’s been a full day of wet weather, and lots of tea. Yesterday was an interesting day out, my partner, Holly was performing at a burlesque fair, and it was lovely to just get out and do something different. I wrote about a 1000 words, amidst the half-naked performers, and capable bar staff. I don’t recommend it as a place to try and write a sunday story, it’s quite distracting.

Today I was offered a job to help edit someones story, which means money, and the chance to learn something new. I have also been approached with ghostwriting a someone’s autobiography, which apparently involves a lifetime of crime and murder. It’s all interesting, and slowly coming together while I write my new book.

I’m nearly 20.k through my first draft, and i’m excited every time I pick up my pen. I know where it’s going, and some of the characters, but the fun bits are still a mystery. It’s a children’s book for adults, or a adult’s book for children, i haven’t quite figured it out. It’s set in a living city, full of glass bees, masks, and books.

I have learnt a lot today, mainly about children and adults, and the way that things really work. In stories people often prefer the baddy because they don’t have to play by the rules, but what’s interesting are children, who don’t even know what the rules are yet. They’re unpredictable, strange, and often sticky. It’s something that’s important to my story, remembering that adults compensate for not knowing by creating rules, kids don’t work that way. Children don’t compensate, they just react, which is why they have the best adventures.


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