Words, Words, Words.

So today’s been full of words. I was asked to make some changes to the boardgame i’ve written, and ended up writing about 4000 words, while listening to: Nap, Bees Made Honey In the Vein Tree, and Majoras’ Mask OST. I’ve been trying to figure out how to add a United Nations element to the game, and decided on something which I though was pretty cool.

I decided that in a world full of magic, monsters, and these supernatural Messengers of God, it would take something equally strange in order to challenge it. I decided that there would be some kind of global United Mages Guild, dedicated to keeping the peace, by any means necessary.

I also created the Gnome Bank, which is largely stolen from cowering behind the couch as Nicole Willamson glowered at Dorthy, carved out of stone, and wearing her ruby slippers. The idea that there were creatures who could melt into stone, made me think that they’d be able to do that anywhere, and with anything from the earth. I can imagine people go to great lengths to stop the Gnomes stealing their gold, by having it melt through the floor.

I also wrote five pages today, which included a argument, a conversation about a boy wetting his pants when he was scared watching the Lion king, and a bees funeral. it’s all important, as is the significance of materials used to make candles, and it’s all going to appear in my new novel.

I also read a story by a talented writer on Scribophile, which encouraged me to write something of my own. If I find the time tomorrow, I will write something strange, funny, and a little odd. It’s important to expand your reading range, and that includes people who aren’t published yet. You can learn a lot from everyone, even if it’s just to point out that you don’t want to do it that way.


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