Starts and Sematary

So it’s been a confusing day, starting with one of those sluggish dreams that slowly bleeds into reality, followed by a rather relaxed and pleasant day. I’ve been writing and thinking about trees, magic, and food. I’ve also started Pet Sematary by Stephen King, which at 80 pages through is already unfolding into something special.

I grew up watching adaptations of Stephen King’s work, and Pet Sematary was the one that  left its mark. My parents were fairly relaxed about what I watched and read, and they seemed more concerned with nudity and drug-use than some of the horror themes found in stories like this one.

Watching Herman Munster murdered before my eyes was extremely unsettling for me, and the sinister themes of the film really affected me in a way that I probably wasn’t ready for. I grew up with animals, so I learnt about death and loss, but the film put it in a way that created this idea of other forces and the fear of loss.

I don’t think that adaptations are a bad thing, even if they differ from the original source, because it’s not there for the die-hard fans but to attract new people. I understand that there art artists who believe their work is butchered when they see it in different media, but even if all that remains is an echo, that echo can affect people and encourage them to find your work.

It’s a shame, just like genre, people are snobbish about how you find your way. I grew up learning more of life’s lessons from The Simpson’s, than in school, which seemed more interested in teaching me facts and rules instead of trying to teach me to think. I read fantasy, I love cartoons, and I try and keep that open mind to all art, so I don’t start assuming that suddenly my way is better than anyone else’s.

I don’t really know where inspiration comes from, I think it’s all around us, and we’re too wrapped up in our own world to see it. I like those moments when someone takes you out of that comfortable area, and makes you pay attention, things change and ideas mix. I like the chaos of art, and there’s a lot to be said about not thinking and just going, so you can find out what you are at the source.


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