The Start of Something

So it’s the start of the week and i’ve finally been paid for my work on the boardgame, and while I start on some ecology work i’m sat thinking about all of the little things I want to do now I know i’m a writer. I finished a story yesterday set in a world where zombies are somewhat normal in society, and it’s the duty of the Dead Police to sort it out.

The idea came from a conversation about ghouls and zombies living in human society, and the issues that come with the walking dead, and a race of creatures that feed on them. It was a fun idea to play around with and I look forward to polishing it off and seeing what I might get from a more refined story. I liked writing it so check yesterday’s post out and see if you enjoy reading it as much.

Today has been spent with coffee, books, and notepads. I’ve written a little bit of poetry called the Grave Cat, and i’m almost finished with the Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. It’s a wonderful book, and i’m so glad I wanted till I was mature enough to appreciate all of the little nods and winks to the great writers of vampiric literature.

Tomorrow is a day where i have money, which as any artist will know is a rare one, but one i’m proud to say is funded by my own ability to lie convincingly for money. I’m extremely grateful to have been able to develop and design a boardgame, and i’m looking forward to seeing out there in shops, so i can point at it and tell people I wrote it, but don’t tell anyone because i’m not supposed to say that.

I’ve a few ideas floating around my head for what I want to do next, one involves a musical magician, and another involves a monstrous scientist who believes in repeating their experiments to ensure whether their results are parametric or not. It’s a great start to this wet and windy month.


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