Books, Bees, and Blogs

So today has been a strange one. Starting off with a strange dream where I was about to take some sort of school/college qualification exam that I wasn’t prepared for. I had a particular teacher who really was that blend of awful and offensive all at once, and she was telling me in this dream that I wasn’t prepared and I hadn’t taken it all seriously. I paused and then told her I already had a degree, and the dream didn’t know what to do.

I woke up not long after conquering whatever subconscious battle my mind tried to wage, to find that a contact on Upwork wanted me to write some ecological stuff for him, and I thought these two points somehow made sense as it all revolved around the things i’ve learnt.

I am glad I didn’t do a degree in writing because I think i’d be at a disadvantage with all of the other capable writers out there who seem to have always known what it is they wanted to do. I had no idea, so i’ve got all sorts of qualification, including my degree in Animal Behaviour.

I use to think that it was a failing of mine to not know what to do, but my partner Holly told me that it gave me experience in different areas, and i could use it all in my writing. I would like to see more science and understanding in literature, not just in SCI-FI. There are so many wonderful things that happen to us, and we should share them in our art.

I have been reading up on bees in folklore and tradition for my next big story and i’m fascinated by all of the strange little notes and ideas people had for these little creatures. I didn’t know that Pharaohs were known as Bee Kings, and all of the relationships with the otherworld, the dead, and magic makes a lot of sense for someone who grew up in a city which is obsessed with bees.

Today was also sunny, bright, and warm. I decided to go for a three hour walk, get my boots all muddy, and just explore the forests near the house. I saw a few lost dogs, which was terrible to see, especially as one dog in particular looked absolutely terrified. I can imagine how big and strange the world must look for someone so young and obviously inexperienced. I hope they are all found and taken back to loving homes.

So i’ve written up some scientific words. I’ve scribbled some ideas for bees in my story. I’ve walked about in the sunshine. And i’ve spent the evening with Holly, where we ate and drank tea and hot chocolate. I hope your day has been spent doing something creative, or at least fun. Things are slowing coming together, and the year looks like it’s going to be something special.

I’ve also started The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice, and i’m loving how different it is than The Interview With The Vampire, which was originally the reason why I stopped reading it four or five years ago. I’m about 200 pages through, and it’s rich old-world language and diary-style prose feels so personal it’s hard to not find yourself drawn in with each bite.


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