Dreams and Michael Keaton

So i’ve just finished watching Birdman, and I still can’t figure out why Michael isn’t a bigger actor. The man made such an impact on me as a child, not just because he played Batman, but the way he did it. I was more interested in Bruce Wayne than I was in batman because I knew he was a little mad and it worked.

I really like bird man, but I still can’t seem to make heads or tails about what the film is. There are the mixed metaphors and there is obviously a lot of involvement with mental health and the issues surrounding our own compromises and self-worth, but it also works as some kind of Alan Moore superhero story.

I think the story works as an idea that we are defined by our past and breeding, and we spend our lives struggling to break free of that idea and spend our lives seeking respect and adoration from people we really don’t need, just because they are a bridge to something we want.

I love the idea that a superhero could want something more than the generic job, instead plunging into a world of acting in an attempt to break away from that existential dread. I’m surprised we haven’t got more ideas based around the psychology of superpowers, but maybe that’s because Alan did it first, but still in a way that’s superhero based and i’d really like to see a world with abilities but no superheroes, just people with superhuman strength working minimum wage in a warehouse.

I think films like Birdman are excellent for hitting home the message that you really can’t measure yourself to others standards, and you shouldn’t listen to people who think that some art is more significant than others. Art isn’t something for snobs to rub their chins, while the rest of us just sit and melt in front of the television. Art is universal, and it’s significance should be judged by its ability to influence more people to create art.

People have praised me one moment for reading an actual book, then proceeded to look down on me just because it wasn’t something they considered serious or intellectual. Writers criticise self-publishing authors, and everywhere people are still saying that only certain genres are considered real art. It’s Sturgeon’s law, and it’s up to you to find that 10% that’s good quality, and if you can’t then maybe you could try and put it in.

Today I wrote 4000 words for a big short story I was working on, based around Eastern folklore, garbagemen, and were-hyenas. It’s 10.000 words long, and it’s sort of exists in the same world Big Trouble in Little China does. I’m thinking of splitting it into two or three smaller stories, so I can make it more bitesize and hopefully I will be able to spread the stories around.





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