Tuesday Thoughts

So today has been one of those strange little days filled with every conceivable emotion, with a lot of cold to wash it all down. It’s definitely a day that takes very little of your feelings into consideration, while it goes about its miserable course. It hasn’t been a particular bad day, but you can definitely tell its the end of the month, with its dreary windless air blowing through your foundations.

One of the greatest things to take from a day like today is to just sit back or take a grip and let everything go about its business, while you let your mind find its equilibrium and centre. I’m rather fed up with all of this northern english cold, and as a result i’ve tried as many different things as possible to try and take my mind out of my head and just flap it about like a wet towel just about to be put on the line.

Some days can be particularly rough for whatever reason and no matter what you do you should learn what helps you break away from the monotony and just enjoy the things and people around you. It can seem really important to stay on your creative course but you have to learn how to balance everything so you can keep your plasticity and open yourself to new creative thoughts.

Today has given me insight to work and worries which I’ve been struggling with, and then as I draw or scribble them down I find I kind of always knew what I was going to do, I just had to realise it. I can’t tell whether that’s a sign of the speed of my brain, or the sluggishness of my conscious mind, either way i’m happy that i’ve finally gotten there.

As a writer i’m constantly in this race to take the glimpses in my mind and try and get them down so people can understand why i’m so excited about these ideas, and I find myself finally solving a particular creative issue, only to find I knew the answer straight away.

I think part of writing is coming up with ideas, and the other part is taking that idea and making something substantial and important with it, which is why you can find yourself fighting against your brain when working on your work. my advice to anyone going through creative issues is to just try and not worry about it too much, if it’s important you’ll figure it out.

What’s interesting about my next big creative project is while i’m working on all of the shape and potential characters for the story, i’m trying to keep the nitty gritty as loose and open as possible, so I don’t worry too much about how it should look or feel. I just want to write a story that’s been inside my head for the past year or so, and now I have the chance to write it to a standard i’d be proud of i’m excited to just see what people think.

It’s a weird little story, set in a world full of masks, magic, bees, witches, and memories. It’s one of the more recent stories i’ve thought about, and while the others will hopefully engage and interest people when they’re written i’m interested in what people will think about this one.

I’ve been interested in cities since I was a boy. I was raised a hippie child, taught to respect nature, but there has always been some part of me that’s been drawn to the pull of the great thing that is Manchester. For me it’s place that really shouldn’t exist as a city, not really fitting quite in any bracket or offering anything substantial, it doesn’t even behave like a city should. It’s all community based, and half of it’s closed and boarded up.

The idea for the story came about with a thought on what sort of personalities cities would have, and if walls could talk what would the walls of Manchester say? We’re talking about a city that was the forefront of the english industrial age, which in its own right means a lot of positivity, but also a lot of mistreatment and cruelty at the hands of the workers and children used in dragging England forward.

I imagine that cites are insecure, prone to flattery, and concerned with keeping up to day with current affairs. Cities have a habit of taking things from the people that pass through them. People give cities their time, and often a fair amount of emotion and stress, but there are those people that fall in love with cities, giving their time, minds, and sometimes lives.

A city like Manchester is one that has seen some serious immigration, which probably why it has this sort of open door policy to culture, as if the echoes of the past have tainted the very soil around the city itself. Walking around you can see the Roman influence with its architecture. You can see the Saxon influence with the cities names and the etymology behind it, and somewhere in all of the waterways and strange bohemian vibe you can see the Celts.

Now if you imagine that cities are like old gods, desperate for faith and attention, then Manchester would have seen some serious devotion in its time. The amount of death in the name of industry and advancement, and the mysticism and belief in the communities that have worked its streets would all have a significant impact on a city that is trying quite hard to steal as much as possible from London.

The ideas started as a simple thought, and it’s gotten to the point that i can’t really ignore them anymore, so despite me having 40k of a first draft on a completely unrelated novel, i’m going to have to write this one. my advice to anyone out there with similar ideas and thoughts you can’t quite shake is to just get them down and have fun with it. Your brains trying to guide you down a route that it wants to with little prompting or effort so just get it down and have fun with it.

Sometimes things are easy and other times they are hard, but the constant in all of this is you are there with a strange and wonderful mind at your disposal, and you owe it to yourself to get things down and you should try and show them to people because they might like it, if they don’t it’s ok you just keep showing it to people as you go along writing  or creating the next thing.







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