Late Night Friday Thoughts

So i’d almost forgotten to write a blog about today’s activities, which included some sunny sojourning, some developing ideas for the boardgame, and a few ideas about a new story. I’ve just finished watching Labyrinth again, and i’m glad to say it doesn’t get any less wonderful. One of those films which seems to give more as you age, while still maintaining a haughty air of earned nostalgia.

I work up today in a bright and cheerful mood, and as soon as i’d drank my tea I was off to go and explore where I live, which is still largely unknown to me. Spending the last few cold months working on my writing has been wonderful for keeping me going while the winter does its worse, but i’m excited to see how everything will change as Spring rolls in.

It’s been one of those days where you are on the edge of a moment, conscious enough to look over the edge and see the potential ahead of you. I know what I want to work on next, but i’m pretty excited to just enjoy myself as I develop my literary voice.




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