Thoughts for Thursday

A doodle from Z List of Hammer, personally my most sinister character. 

So i’ve just finished the last of my book, going over and adding to 5,799 words today, and I’m once again proud of myself for finishing the story. The last 20,000 words or so were definitely the hardest this time, but with the help of coffee, tea, and Somali Yacht Club I managed to get it all finished.

I am glad i’ve managed to get it done, which means I can breathe easy, while I work on something else, as those unfortunate enough to ask read over my work for the third time. Two months of little else and on average 3000 words a day have helped me to focus my attention on the novel, and get it the way I want it to be.

Once again I cannot stress the importance of sticking to your project, even if you get those moments where you can only manage to put word after word, keep going. It’s ok to doubt yourself, but that shouldn’t get in the way of creatively creating. Do it, then worry, then do something else. Come back to your piece if you have to, but keep going.

A few scribbles of the novel progression since the latest draft in November. 

In other news I have continued my reading of the Penguin book of Vampire Stories, which i’m currently reading Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu, which I will devour later, after i’ve finished my blog and stopped listening to Wax Fang.

I wanted to talk about the Penguin book of vampire stories, which to me doesn’t sound like your typical penguin style, but it’s wonderful. I found it in my partners small library, which contains some rather interesting and strange books, covering everything from Poe, Pride Prejudice and Zombies, and Boris Karloff anthologies of horror. She is as is commonly known a goth of the Byron lace variety, which is great.

I’m already planing what I want to do next, which covers a piece a flash fiction about a leaf, vampire, and a caveman. I’m also going to start working on a writing contest centred around delusions. There’s also a contest about the decline of politics due to social media, which is something a little different, and something which I feel I have a few things to say about.

I also understand that I have to start exercising more, and generally going outside, as I promised by brain i’d do after I finished this latest draft. I was a very outdoorsy individual before all of this writing, and it’s definitely been neglected since I threw myself into so many projects, so it will be nice to get out and recharge a little. I’ll take a notebook with me so I can write anyway.

I do wonder sometimes whether being addicted to something creative is a good thing or not? I feel on some level I should feel bad, but writing has driven me away from the constant swiping on social media, and given me a reason to look at everything with a fresh perspective.

There have been some downsides to plunging into my creative craft, but mainly that’s been in part issues with my own views on work and knowing when enough enough. I will find myself in stints where I will work myself into the ground, but when I think about all the times i’d just worry myself into the ground at least there’s a productive element to it all. Mainly it’s just the money side that bothers me, as you have to deal with the validation of being a creator by supporting yourself as much as possible, because there definitely are times when you just worry that it’s not good enough.

It can be tough, but then you remember its all lies, and you just have to keep going. So may opportunities on the horizon this year, and i’m excited to share them with you on here. I hope that you’re going after what you want, and sharing those moments with other people. Creative communities are more important than ever, with people trying to force more and more of us to grow up and get real jobs. I want to be a kid forever, and i’m happy to help as many people get there as possible.

If you’ve liked what you read and want to support me while I make stuff up for a living then head over to my Patreon and give me some money to buy a coffee or a pen or something. If not I hope you’ve done something creative today, and try and share it, who knows you may just encourage someone else to try something.


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