Monday Moods

So today has been filled with a few breaks from the norm, which helps with those creative juices. Trying to fix a earlier sleeping patter, walking, and some scientific reading have all helped shape my brain into something vaguely mushy in consistency. It’s the start of the year, and i’m happy to admit while I have an idea, i’m fairly unsure what’s in store for me over the course of 2017.

Reading work on the gay community, which i’ve learnt can be a sort of in-crowd, literal who’s who, has given me some creative ideas. I think it comes from reading Chabon’s Yiddish policeman’s Union at the same time, which has opened my senses to a world which is still very much tribal in its actions.

It makes sense to draw parallels between the gay community and religion, which i’m sure will be one of those comments used in court to justify someones defence in my murder. It’s all about sticking to your guns, and ensuring that your people are well represented. What is interesting, especially with the rise of all of the sexual subsets, is who is being accurately represented. It’s a very confusing time to live in, and I think there is something to be said about the classification approach, but maybe not when trying to figuring out sexuality.

I’ve started plotting a few ideas on a story that’s going to probably be a novelette, maybe something more, and i’m quite excited to devote this year to short stories. There is going to be some novel writing, likely chicken-scratched into a fanciful journal, but i’m interested in spending the majority of my time this year stretching my creativity, and seeing what snaps back.

I’ve written three or four short stories, two of which are slowly developing the laws and boundaries of Monsters and the things that scare them, an idea that emerged from watching Isaac Asimov interviews. I’m fairly certain that even if people don’t know the name a little bulb flickers and brightens when you mention I robot and the laws of robotics. What occurred to me was how monsters seemed to be bound by their own rules and guidelines, which is obvious when you think of how powerful bogeymen truly are, otherwise we’d have all been gobbled up by the things under the bed.

I have a notepad Christmas gift that i’m dedicating to monster stories, as and when they pop up over however long it takes me to finish a novel-sized book. I have around ten ideas in motion for what I want to do, but as we all know ideas are easy, it’s getting them down that’s the hard part.

I’m extremely excited to see what comes out of this year, and my only fear is it’s not going to be as good as the previous year, an idea which is both unusual and completely wonderful. Every year something comes along and it’s that much better than the last, which was a plan of mine when dealing with depression in my teens, but now seems like a challenge to revel in.

2016 for all of its follies was the year I wrote my first novel, came up with short stories, and generally figured out the whole “Be a writer!” thing. 2017 is presenting itself as a bit of a slog, in that i’m free to work on whatever I want, but as things are fitting into a sensible order I know it’s going to be the year I start connecting to the the right people. People like yourself who devote time to reading some curly-haired Englishmen rant on in what is obviously an overindulged narcissistic fantasy, which is why I appreciate you so much, you’re just perfect.

It’s quite baffling to think that i’ve spent so long worried what the wrong people thought about my choices in life, only to spend the last year cramming as much into my craft as I possibly can, which is something I recommend to everyone. Those days you just want to doubt yourself and point to all the negativity are much harder when your brain has to acknowledge just how far you’ve come.

The Theory of Everything suggests just how important it is to have a good support network when going through your own perilous journey, which if you find yourself without that support then don’t worry, because you’ve just not found it yet. Sometimes life likes to give us things in the most inopportune moments, probably to keep us humble and remind us of the significance of good timing as far as jokes and living is concerned.

Too much is put on the shoulders of those who love us, because they understand enough through their powers of detection to know when we’re dealing with those self-deprecating moments, and for obvious reasons they are hurt as well. I know a lot is said about brilliant people who change the world, but I just want to thank those people who give us the confidence to take that chance.

You people are truly extraordinary, with the blood of the gods running through your veins, without you there wouldn’t be anything worth fighting for. The brilliant thing is that we have the chance to all be protagonists in someones life, and if we’re truly lucky then in countless lives. My advice would be to cherish those who stand by your side while you figure out how to create a better world for the future, because it would be much harder to do so on your own.

For those of you without someone by your side I ask you to find a moment to help someone else. It can be as easy as a kind work on social media, or a conversation and a few pence with a homeless person in the street, or just a smile at a passing stranger. You have within you the power to change people, and in times of strife and discrimination it makes that much more of a difference.

We’re blessed to be here, the astronomical odds that we would turn out the way we have, the chance of our parents meeting where they did, looking past their own issues to find that other person and take a chance. the education, the bullying, the endless putdowns and critical self-analysis have shaped you into this person and whether you like it or not you have to accept that life starts right now.

Do something wonderful with this year, but start it today, you owe it to the odd gods of fate. Paint, draw, write, sing, dance, jump up and down like a chicken on one leg, do something that doesn’t just have you sitting there and wishing you did. The world needs heroes, and I honestly believe it is and always will be its smart-arsed artistic geniuses.

If you’ve liked what you read and want to support me while I make stuff up for a living then head over to my Patreon and give me some money to buy a coffee or a pen or something. If not I hope you’ve done something creative today, and try and share it, who knows you may just encourage someone else to try something.





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